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📚In this podcast, I will be reading Brazilian Portuguese translations of famous books originally written in English that you might have already read, or are familiar with the story, so that you can focus on the words and not so much the plot. The original English text and the Brazilian Portuguese translation can be found here, if you would like to read it with me. In series 1, I read O Magnífico Mágico de Oz / The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.



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O trabalho do Fernando Ă© muito bom. Claro e bem detalhado. Super recomendo.

3 weeks ago


ConteĂșdo de qualidade, para todos e todas. Sua voz Ă© agradĂĄvel e a histĂłria e entretenida. Eu estou aprendendo o portuguĂȘs e gosto de seu conteĂșdo. Obrigada por o-fazer gratuito!

7 months ago


Fernando Nonohay

My name is Fernando and I'm a Brazilian Portuguese Teacher, Translator & Interpreter based in London, UK. I was born in Porto Alegre, the capital of the Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul State. After I graduated from university, I visited London as a tourist and liked it so much that I moved back to train to be a teacher, translator and interpreter. In my 20+ years of experience I have helped many people on their journey to learn Brazilian Portuguese. Teaching is my passion and I am proud to have taught Brazilian Portuguese to staff of British Airways, BBC, Sotheby’s, Fine Line Film Distribution, among many others.