Expressions with the word OLHO

In this video, you’ll learn six very common expressions with the word olho.

The expressions I'm going to cover here are, of course, not all the expressions there are in Brazilian Portuguese with the word olho, but it's a selection of the ones I think are more frequently used.

6. abrir o olho

Lit. to open one's eyes, i.e. to be careful about a dangerous situation, to be on your guard

-  Abre o olho!

- Be careful! / Be on your guard!

5. custar os olhos da cara

In English, we can something expensive costs an arm and a leg. In Portuguese we say it costs 'the eyes on the face' (lit.). So, for example, if you want to say your car cost a lot of money you can say:

- Meu carro custou os olhos da cara!

- My car cost an arm and a leg (Lit. My car cost the eyes of the face!)

4. ter o olho maior que a barriga

Lit. 'to have the eye bigger than the belly'. Meaning: to be greedy, to have eyes bigger than one's stomach.

- Você tem o olho maior que a barriga!

- Your eyes are bigger than your stomach. 

3. ficar de olho

to keep an eye on something. Let's say you're in a restaurant with a friend and you can ask them to keep an eye on your bag while you go tot he toilet.

- Fica de olho na minha bolsa, tá?

- Keep an eye on my bag, ok?

2. num piscar de olhos

Just like the English expression in the blink of an eye - quicklysuddenly.

- A vida pode mudar num piscar de olhos.

- Life can change in the blink of an eye.

1. (fazer alguma coisa) de olhos fechados

to do something with one's eyes closed - when we've done something so many times, we can do it without any effort at all.

- Eu posso fazer isso de olhos fechados!

- I can do this with my eyes closed!

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