7 Free Online Resources to Improve your Brazilian Portuguese

Here are 7 free online resources that I often recommend to my students.

They won't teach you the language from scratch but they will definitely help you improve your Brazilian Portuguese.


Watching Brazilian films and series on Netflix is a great way to practice your listening skills, but Netflix only lets you have on the screen subtitles for one language, so you can’t have both Portuguese and English subtitles at the same time. This Chrome Browser Extension lets you have subtitles of two languages on the screen, making it much easier to use Netflix to improve your Brazilian Portuguese. This Chrome extension is free but you also have the option to pay a monthly fee to be able to save subtitles on a separate area.

Click here to download Language Learning with Netflix


This Google Translate Chrome extension allows you to view the translation of words without leaving the webpage you're on. Once you've downloaded and installed the extension you can highlight or right-click on any word and a screen pops out with the definition of the word and you can also hear a machine-generated pronunciation (which is most of the time pretty accurate) by clicking on the speaker icon. 

Click here to download Google Translate Chrome Extension


There are many verb conjugation websites out there, but this is the one that I tend to recommend to my students. You simply type the verb in the search box and it gives you the conjugation of the verb in all the tenses, so bookmark this website to quickly look up the conjugation of verbs!

Click here to access conjugacao.com.br


Although this website looks quite retro, it's a really good tool that you can use to test yourself on verb conjugation. Apart from Practice Verb Conjugations, there are two other tools you can use: Listening Practice and Take a Test. There is actually a fourth tool listed - Practice with Tests, but according to the website it's not yet available. 

Click here to access listeningpracice.org


Quizlet is a memorization tool. It lets users create sets of terms and definitions. After you created and saved a set, you can practice studying the words in your set with some cool activities. 

Click here to access Quizlet


Forvo.com is a self-described "pronunciation dictionary", where you can listen to the recording of words by different native speakers, a great way to dive deeper into Brazilian Pronunciation by listening to various regional accents

Click here to access Forvo.com


There are many websites designed for people to find language partners to practice their target language. I tend to recommend Conversation Exchange because of its simplicity - it's very easy to find a Brazilian language partner, who you can contact and arrange to meet on Zoom or Skype to practice your Brazilian Portuguese. 

Click here to access Conversation Exchange

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