5 Ways to Use the Word BELEZA

In this post, you will learn 5 ways to use the word beleza, which means "beauty" in Portuguese.

E aí pessoal! Tudo beleza?

Today we're looking at 5 ways to use the word beleza.

But before we do that, let's learn how to pronounce this word correctly.

There are three syllables, and the strongest one is the middle one.


The vowel e in both syllables have a closed sound: similar in English to words that have [ay], so it should sound like [bay-lay-zah]. Please note that in the English phonetics representation of the closed sound of this vowel, the y is in superscript, because I want to show that it's almost silent. For example, take the English word bay  - now make that 'y' sound very subtle, if you do that the sound after the bwill be very similar to the closed sound of the vowel e in Portuguese words.

Now let's see 5 ways to use it:

1.  Using it as a noun meaning beauty

salão de beleza (beauty salon)

concurso de beleza (beauty contest)

dicas de beleza (beauty tips)

rotina de beleza (beauty routine)

If you want to describe someone or something as beautiful, the adjective is belo / bela – Brazilians don't use this that often. Instead, it's much more common to use the adjectives lindo / linda, to mean beautiful.

2. Used in the exclamative sentence:

- Que beleza! 

which is the equivalent of saying in English How nice/cool! or How lovely!

3. Used when greeting someone

To ask someone How are you?, instead of the standard Tudo bem? You can say Tudo beleza?

And you can use it in the answer, with the intonation of a statement Tudo beleza!

4. Used when asking for someone's agreement or confirmation

- Vou te ligar depois do trabalho, beleza?- I'll call you after work, OK?

- Beleza! / - OK!

5. Abbreviation BLZ

Brazilians often use the abbreviation of this word as blz in text messages, social media and memes

 Beleza, pessoal? Muito obrigado! Até a próxima!

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